rave reviews

I don’t mean to brag, but… we’ve all got to embrace those bragging rights. There’s nothing I love more than delighting my clients with photos THEY love! I’m always so grateful to know that the work we’ve put into our shoot together produced great results, exceeded expectations, and was an experience worth sharing. After all, who doesn’t love a rave review?

“Wow! They look beautiful. I’ve gotten an incredible response and cannot wait to send them out to casting! Thank you so much… beautiful, stunning pictures! Great work!!”

“In one session, Ted shot my headshots, comp card pictures and all the photos for my website, too. Incredible!”

“These pictures are beautiful! Thank you soooo much for capturing the amazing day so vividly.  It really brings the experience back in living color (and black and white too ;). God, how I love these pics!”

“Thank you so very much. You are a great photographer! You are able to capture something in us that I have never seen before. Your patience and persistence during the day of the photo shoot was so wonderful and I see only now what it was you were seeking to capture.”

“Ted did a great job of capturing you… shows the real you in a flash, which is what you want.”

“Hi Ted!!! Honestly I have never been confronted with so many photos of myself that I actually LIKE, which is a fantastic sign. You really made me feel great and look great, so thank you. I am delighted with these, really all of them, and can’t wait to go into this audition season feeling great about them. Thanks!”

“Natural and beautiful!!! The secret.”

“These are GREAT, they’re so great. I have no idea how I’ll choose!! 😉 SO many great shots. Wow. Thank you!!!!!”

“We had an AMAZING time with you last weekend and learned so much about body position and things one can do in front of the camera to make photos come out better. I’ve already put these things into use with snapshots friends have taken of me since then. There are so many good shots in this gallery, it’s really going to be tough to narrow it down. I feel like you captured so many different aspects of where I am now in my life. It’s wonderful.”

“These are gorgeous! 😍 Thank you!!! These are fantastic! We really enjoyed working with you.”

“So many great photos! I’m thrilled by the whole thing and can’t compliment you enough.”

“Awesome, wow! These are VERY cool and such the right feel for this project. Ted, you are an artiste.”

“It was a really fun shoot. I thoroughly enjoyed myself—and I thought your shots were great. So many to choose from – amazing work Ted! Wow I never looked so good! 🙂 “